Oh Monday

Happy Monday!

Today has been a very stress-free day, I hope it keeps up the pace.  Ate a low point breakfast, a middle of the road lunch, but still have plenty of points left over for tonight for some WW Bubble-up Enchiladas.  See here:  http://www.recipe-diaries.com/2011/05/23/bubble-up-enchiladas-weight-watcher-recipes-part-2/

Very yummy, even my boyfriend who has no desire to eating anything healthy requests these every single week.  I’m thinking of trying to make some homemade enchilada sauce, because I do not love the taste of the store-bought kind.  Some-time I will have the time to actually try that and see how it goes.

Overall, feeling pretty good about today.  My mood is still good.  I’m still on track with the program.  Overall today, feeling a little down.  This is usually when I start to think about eating.  So it will be a test today to see how I survive feeling sad, without blowing the WW budget.

I wish you all a wonderful day.


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2 comments on “Oh Monday

  1. I’m trying this recipe!

    • Its good. This time, I fried up the ground turkey with onion powder and garlic powder. I then used pasta sauce instead of Enchillada sauce, and low fat cheese on top. Yum. I liked it a lot.

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